About NCMA

Since its founding on May 19, 1959, NCMA has grown as a professional society to advance the contract management profession.

Through the years, we have remained focused on providing high-quality resources—events, professional certifications, local networking, and the ANSI-approved Contract Management Standard™—that positively impact the workforce.


Advance the contract management profession and its nexus with related acquisition communities through engagement, standards, and professional development.


NCMA is recognized as the preeminent partner and voice for higher standards, exemplary performance, and broader mission impact throughout the acquisition life cycle.

We Believe

  • Contract management is an aspirational profession
  • Contracts are the output of a well-designed solution
  • Every new challenge just needs a new perspective
  • True innovation stems from collaboration, conversation, and curiosity
  • We must connect - not just collect - the dots
  • We are NCMA. Welcome.

NCMA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


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NCMA Partnerships

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