NCMA Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics (“the Code” or “Code”) of the National Contract Management Association (“NCMA” or the “Association”) establishes guiding principles for members of the contract management profession.

Section One: Preamble

This Code is intended to create public trust and confidence in the integrity of the contract management process. These guiding principles are the foundation for conduct of NCMA members as an association who represent the contract management profession. All members of NCMA will abide by the letter and spirit of this Code.

Section Two: Guiding Principles


Members accept responsibility for their own conduct and hold each other accountable.   

Compliance with Laws

Members follow all laws and regulations.  


Members protect confidential information concerning the business affairs of any present or former employer, governmental agency, business partner, organization, or public body on which they serve. 

Good Faith

Members conduct all business in good faith, make any required disclosures, and avoid actual or perceived conflicts of interest (whether by reason of financial interest, family relationship, or any other circumstances). Members strive to advance the profession and the Association without compensation.


Members fulfill their duties without deception or misleading practices. Members actively support and encourage others in adhering to this Code. 


Members educate themselves on all aspects of the contract management profession and apply this knowledge to the best of their ability to serve their employers, customers, clients, business partners, and the public. Members stay up to date on developments in the contract management field to maintain their knowledge, skill, and level of professional competence. Members make only truthful claims concerning their professional qualifications, education, certification status, or experience.


Members acknowledge the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion across the Association and contract management profession.  Members are always respectful of others and their opinions.  Members do not make statements that could reflect poorly on another contract management professional, the reputation of the Association, or the contract management profession.


Members conduct themselves in a manner to establish and maintain trust and confidence in the integrity of the contract management profession and processes.


Members must report any suspected violations to an official of NCMA at either the chapter or national level. Violations of the Code are subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of NCMA up to, and including, revocation of membership and certification. Members shall not retaliate against anyone who raises a valid concern under this Code. 

Report a Concern

Report a concern, such as a perceived violation of NCMA Code of Ethics or a law, anonymously or with attribution.