No matter where you live and work, there's a good chance you'll find an NCMA Chapter to support your professional needs. Local chapters can connect you to peers and leaders in your area for support, networking, and knowledge sharing.

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Approaching 20,000 Contract Management professionals across nearly 80 local Chapters, including an international Chapter in Germany, there’s a community of peers out there just waiting for you.

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NCMA Chapters

Alabama (AL)

President: Tim Maggnusson
View the Huntsville Chapter website

Arkansas (AR)

Central Arkansas
President: Soila Reando

California (CA)

China Lake /RidgeCrest
President: Brianna Little

Golden Gate
President: Rede Shifferaw

Inland Empire
President: Chad Bommer

Los Angeles/South Bay
President: John Sarakatsannis

Orange County
President: Jessie Castro

Sacramento/Gold Rush
President: Dawneen Williams

San Diego
President: Jazmine Wesley
View the San Diego Chapter website

San Fernando Valley
President: William Foster
View the San Fernando Valley Chapter website

San Gabriel Valley
President: Steve Marroquin
View the San Gabriel Valley Chapter website.

Colorado (CO)

President: Amanda Reyes
View the Denver Chapter website.

Pikes Peak
President: Anneliese Pollock

Connecticut (CT)

Central Connecticut
President: Noelle Slifka
View the Central Connecticut Chapter website.

District of Columbia (DC)

Pentagon (Washington DC / NOVA)
President: Dr. Debra Davati 

Washington, D.C.
President: Allie Coetzee Leslie
View the Washington, DC Chapter website.

Florida (FL)

President: Michael Scuteri
View the Jacksonville Chapter website.

Mid Florida
President: Shannon Baran
View the Mid Florida Chapter website.

Space Coast
President: Deborah Miller - Caldwell
View the Space Coast Chapter website.

President: Lenny Zuriff 

Georgia (GA)

President: Lauren Wingate
View the Atlanta Chapter website.

Middle Georgia
President: Jonathan Riggins

Hawaii (HI)

President: Evangeline Kennedy
View the Aloha Chapter website.

Idaho (ID)

Southeast Idaho
President: Kristi Heard

Illinois (IL)

President: Stevan Vasich

Scott Air Force Base
President: Cindy Heflin

Iowa (IA)

Greater Iowa
President: Kira Wennerholm

Kentucky (KY)

President: David Hincks

Louisiana (LA)

Mardi Gras
President: Krystal Glasper

Maryland (MD)

President: Anthony Carlisi
View the Bethesda/Medical Chapter website.

President: Patti Collins

Free State
President: Marge Dolly

President: Mike Finkel
View the Woodlawn Chapter website.

Massachusetts (MA)

President: Mike Gauthier
View the Boston Chapter website.

Michigan (MI)

Great Lakes State
President: Benjamin McMartin

Minnesota (MN)

Twin Cities
President: Robert Dube

Mississippi (MS)

Mississippi Chapter
President: Christopher Barnett
View the Mississippi Chapter website.

Missouri (MO)

Kansas City
President: Irvin Gray

Saint Louis Gateway
President: Carolyn Brasfield
View the Saint Louis Gateway Chapter website.

New Jersey (NJ)

President: Norman Bonano

President: Neena Pine

New Mexico (NM)

Rio Grande
President: Yolanda Robinson - Freeman
View the Rio Grande Chapter website.

New York (NY)

President: Karen Kelly

North Carolina (NC)

North Carolina 
President: Kerry Cassidy

Ohio (OH)

Central Ohio
President: Joe Kola

President: Jason Pickart
View the Dayton Chapter website.

Oklahoma (OK)

President: Shaun McGinnis

Pennsylvania (PA)

Greater Johnstown
President: Victoria Long

Greater Philadelphia
President: Timothy Furin
View the Greater Philadelphia Chapter website.

Greater Pittsburgh
President: Amanda Yetter

Rhode Island (RI)

Rhode Island
President: Stephan Nadeau
View the Rhode Island Chapter website.

South Carolina (SC)

President: Scott Varn

Tennessee (TN)

East Tennessee
President: Jamie Ford

Texas (TX)

President: Cory Richardson

Fort Worth
President: TaShia Marsh
View the Fort Worth Chapter website.

Greater San Antonio
President: Sandra Norton
View the Greater San Antonio Chapter website.

North Texas
President: Joseph Mack
View the North Texas Chapter website.

Paso del Norte
President: Patti Holguin-Lucreop

Space City/Houston
President: Jacque Malota
View the Space City/Houston Chapter website.

Virginia (VA)

Blue Ridge
President: Debbie Echyison

Central Virginia
President: Sabrina Rouland

Dulles Corridor
President: David Gitlin

Hampton Roads
President: Andrea Dickens
View the Hampton Roads Chapter website.

Norfolk Area
President: Kathryn Ravelo
View the Norfolk Area Chapter website.

President: John Roman

Old Dominion
President: Stacey Coolican
View the Old Dominion Chapter website.

Pentagon (Washington DC / NOVA)
President: Dr. Debra Davati

President: Dr. Dolores Kuchina-Musina
View the Tysons Chapter website.

Washington (WA)

Columbia Basin
President: Brian Mair

Puget Sound
President: Molly Robinson
View the Puget Sound Chapter website.

West Virginia (WV)

Northern West Virginia
President: Raumi Namvari
View the Northern West Virginia Chapter website.

Wisconsin (WI)

President: Benjamin Blanc

International Chapter

Germany - Rheinland-Plalz Chapter
President: Chet Tonge