NCMA Needs Your Input for Key Research Efforts

Our profession has tremendous impact on how the Federal mission is met. Its nexus with other acquisition related functions has the power to drive improvements and NCMA calls on you to help shape two important initiatives: advancing sustainable procurement practices while adding our voice to rule making and providing input from our neutral forum on planning, programming, budgeting, and execution (PPBE) reform.


Sustainable Procurement and FAR Case

This survey is closed, though we encourage you to follow progress through the NCMA Sustainable Procurement Community of Practice (CoP)

The CoP is tracking evolving climate and sustainable procurement principles and growing Federal requirements to support the broader community. This CoP has engaged a wide range of voices in virtual meetings and in-person events at NCMA conferences, and recently they shared the stage with Center for Environmental Quality (CEQ) and General Services Administration (GSA) leadership to share what is coming next.

Now, your input on sustainable procurement experiences and views on the implications of the FAR Case (Federal Acquisition Regulation: Disclosure of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate-Related Financial Risk) will support the CoP efforts to advance practice and gather important feedback to share in the rule making process. Make sure you are heard by responding to the survey by 25 Jan*.

This proposed rule comes at a time when the impacts of climate change have never been more visible. We are proud that the CoP provides a forum where people can share their experience and best practices, gain valuable insights, and utilize resources to enable their business or agency to be better equipped to address climate change/sustainable procurement and put this knowledge into operation.

*   Deadline extension for public comments on proposed Federal Supplier Climate Risks and Resilience Rule allows our community more time to compile feedback. Provide your contact information in your response for your chance to receive a free copy of CMBOK® V7.



Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution Reform

This survey is closed, though we encourage you to follow progress through ASMC

NCMA is collaborating with the American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC) to broaden perspective in support of PPBE Reform, and we seek input from buyers and sellers on the resource allocation process. The survey will provide critical data on the IT tools and systems that should be addressed in reform.

ASMC chartered a PPBE Reform Task Force to foster public discussion on PPBE reform in the Department of Defense. Operating in parallel with the Legislative Commission on PPBE Reform, the Task Force is working to define a set of fundamental principles and policy actions to re-imagine PPBE to meet the needs of the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and industry in the 21st Century.

The Task Force is taking an evidence-based approach. It wants to develop solid data on where and how to best modernize PPBE. Your expertise is critical to the development of recommendations and proposals for PPBE Reform.

Your support to this Task Force, by completing this survey, is critical to modernizing PPBE.