Outstanding Chapter Volunteer Award

Congratulations to this Year's Award Recipient

Congratulations to this year's NCMA's Outstanding Chapter Volunteer, Margaret Florez.

Ms. Florez is a Contract Management Leadership Development Program (CMDLP) alum who currently serves as the (newly reinstated) Hampton Roads Chapter President. She lives by her mantra “Excellence is my passion,” which she demonstrates in both her professional and chapter leader lives. As a procurement analyst, she develops insights or recommendations beyond her area of responsibility that impacts long-term business strategy and performance. In both her full-time and chapter roles, she uses empathy and personal experience to resolve conflicts and foster mutual respect.


Eligibility and Requirements

  • NCMA membership must be in good standing
  • Self-nomination is permitted. If self-nominating, a letter of recommendation from a current Chapter Board Member is required. The letter shall provide a description of the contributions deserving the award based on the stated criteria.
  • Current NCMA Staff, NCMA Contractors, NCMA Consultants, NCMA Board of Directors, and NCMA National Committee Members are not eligible for an award.
  • Previous nominees may be re-nominated.
  • Previous awardees may not be re-nominated for the same award.

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