Competency Assessment

Interactive tool that enables NCMA members to assess their experiences in line with NCMA's competencies, as outlined in the Contract Management Standard™ (CMS™). It provides learning recommendations for those in the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of their continuous learning journey. This complimentary resource is only accessible to NCMA members.

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Navigating the Competency Assessment

This interactive tool allows you to evaluate your proficiency in key contract management competency areas—from the perspectives of both the buyer and seller.

The competency assessment allows you to:

  • Assess your proficiency in key competencies found in NCMA’s ANSI-approved Contract Management Standard™ (CMS™) Publication.
  • Receive a rated score for each area, which will help you identify areas you may want to focus on for future training.
  • Select self-study and formal training options from a comprehensive library—with content arranged by CMS™ competencies, buyer and seller, and level of experience. Learning recommendations are provided for those in the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of their continuous learning journey. 


Use your competency assessment results to develop your professional development plan. Discuss your results with supervisors or mentors. Include your higher-level competency scores in your résumé. And, most importantly, use your results to continue learning and growing in this exciting and demanding profession! 





CMS Structure

The Contract Management Competency Assessment is structured by the competencies in NCMA's CMS™. The CMS™ is a complimentary resource that describes contract management in terms of the processes created through the integration and interaction of job tasks and skills and the purposes they serve. Its value is evident by its approval by ANSI, an internationally recognized third-party accreditor.


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