Contract Management Body of Knowledge™ (CMBOK™)

A must-have reference for contract management professionals, based on the CMS™, our internationally recognized third-party standard.

CMBOK™ 7th Edition Is Now Available

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What is the CMBOK™?


What are the Seven Core Competencies of the CMBOK™?

The CMBOK™ explains the seven core competencies that serve as essential building blocks for successful contracting practitioners and leaders.

  1. Leadership - Find out why adept leadership skills are necessary for Contract Management professionals at all levels.
  2. Management - Discover how management competency involves setting goals to enhance both individual proficiency and organizational capability.
  3. Guiding Principles - Learn how to look for defining principles through all phases of the contract life cycle, no matter what each unique situation throws your way.
  4. Pre-Award - Familiarize yourself with the first phase of the contract life cycle, when buyers produce solicitations and sellers prepare offers.
  5. Award - Let us walk you through this often-complicated phase in which the buyer and seller work together to produce a contract.
  6. Post-Award - Dig into contract execution and completion — the contract administration process.
  7. Learn - Continuing education ensures Contract Managers’ commitment to professional development and lifelong learning.


Ongoing Maintenance

NCMA strives to continually improve the CMBOK™ to ensure it best represents practice. We seek your opinion on strengths, shortcomings, and suggestions for improvements. Please share your feedback for review by the appropriate NCMA body.


CMBOK™ 7th Edition Is Now Available for Purchase!

NCMA is Seventh Edition of the Contract Management Body of Knowledge® (CMBOK™) is available for purchase in the NCMA bookstore. This update is driven by the changes in the Third Edition of the CMS™, which serves as the CMBOK™ foundation.

The CMBOK™ Seventh Edition provides a common understanding of the terminology, practices, policies, and processes used in contract management.

The seventh edition of the CMBOK™ is driven by the reaffirmation of the CMS™. Significant changes from the CMBOK™ sixth edition to the seventh edition include:

  • New numbering system to align with the CMS™
  • Updates the definition of “contract”
  • Emphasizes the impact of life cycle
  • New sub-competencies “Emotional Intelligence” and “Change Management”  
  • Adds Category Management, Earned Value Management and Sustainable Procurement. 
  • Other additions including new sections, appendices, and more! 

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CMBOK™ As A Textbook

NCMA offers a 15% discount on CMBOK™ hardcopy book orders when used as a course book at the college/university level. Faculty can request this discount for their students by contacting [email protected].

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