NCMA Certifications: The Application Process

All NCMA certifications begin with an application. Understanding how to apply and what’s required for the desired certification is the best way to achieve a successful application submission and approval. Regardless of which of NCMA’s four certifications you are seeking, (1) all four have the same categories of eligibility criteria that must be met: Experience, Education, and Training. The successful applicant will meet the required eligibility criteria prior to submitting their certification application.

Each NCMA certification has a dedicated handbook, which is free to download on the NCMA website. (2) Each handbook details the specific eligibility criteria and how to apply for its certification in “Step 1. Application & Fee Submission” of the handbook.

Education requirements are demonstrated by uploading degree transcripts or the earned degree from a regionally accredited institution. If a degree is earned outside the United States, evidence of equivalency must be provided by an independent third-party evaluator. United States accreditation standards apply to U.S. colleges and universities. (3) Work experience is demonstrated by uploading a current copy of your resume.

The required Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours must be completed in your NCMA profile under the Continuing Education tab. The CPE Course, Provider, Date of Training, and CPE Earned (Units) must be completed for all qualifying CPE. Applicants are responsible for maintaining CPE-supporting documentation for each claimed course; however it is not required to be submitted with the application, though applicants still may choose to do so. CPE documentation is reviewed on an audit basis. The CPE Guide provides full details of qualifying CPE, how to submit, and the audit process. (4)

Applications are submitted through an applicant’s NCMA account. NCMA accounts are free, and membership is not required for NCMA certifications.

When an applicant is ready to apply, they may follow this three-step application process shown below and in Figure 1.

1. Log into your profile and select Certification Application.

2. Select “New Application” of the certification in which to apply.

3. Follow the tabs and instructions for completing and submitting the application.

Upon submission, NCMA’s Certification team will review the application and contact applicants with next steps via the email address listed in the individual’s NCMA profile. Please allow up to 15 business days for application approval. Applicants can monitor the progress of their application in their NCMA profile by navigating to Certification Applications and viewing the “Application Status” line.

NCMA Certifications are a valued step in a career journey. Take the leap and apply today! CM

1 NCMA offers the CCMA, CFCMTM, CCCMTM, and CPCMTM. More information is available on our website:
2 NCMA Handbooks can be downloaded by navigating to the desired certification:
3 To determine the equivalency of your degree, you must obtain a determination of equivalency from an independent source. World Education Services, Scholaro, Credit Eval, Info Check USA, and SpanTran are some of the organizations that provide credential evaluations for international students. NCMA is not affiliated with these organizations in any way.
4 The CPE Guide is a free download:

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