Salary Survey

The contract management profession is a dynamic, challenging, and (as demonstrated by this report) rewarding career choice.

NCMA's Contract Management Salary Survey demonstrate that contract management professionals are highly experienced, extremely well-educated people, possessing a variety of professional certifications and designations that demonstrate their proficiency.

Whether you are a professional negotiating a pay raise, a department manager fighting for salary adjustments for your employees, or a human resources professional trying to fairly assess the proper pay levels for contract management staff, this report provides the answers you need. The analysis provides compensation information based on age, gender, education level, certifications held, experience, employer industry, organization size, years of service with the employer, position, job title, and location. The report also provides cross-tabulated data based on multiple variables, such as compensation by education and experience, and by position and location, to name only two, providing a much more in-depth look at compensation across the profession.

NCMA conducted the 2021 Salary Survey at the end of 2020 and the full report is available for NCMA members to for free. Nonmembers can purchase the 2021 Salary Survey for $250. To download or purchase the Salary Survey, visit the NCMA Bookstore.

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