Elmer B. Staats Contracting Professional Excellence Award

To be eligible for the Contracting Professional Excellence Award, candidates must:

  • Have made a noteworthy contribution to contracting operations or policy within 24 months of the due date for nominations
  • Have not less than 5 and not more than 10 years of civil or military service as contracting officer, contract specialist, procurement analyst or purchasing agent (1102 series) or related military specialty
  • Possess a Bachelor’s or Higher-level academic degree
  • Demonstrate personal and professional growth 

Noteworthy contributions to contracting operation include extraordinary business leadership or team participation in the design, development or execution of an acquisition program or project that furthers an agency’s mission. Such contributions also include performance of any single task that merits special recognition because of its contribution to meeting a contract cost, schedule and performance goals.

Noteworthy contributions to contracting policy include the development of a management policy, regulation, data system or other task that significantly enhances the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of an agency’s acquisition system or the federal acquisition system.

The deadline to apply is April 21, 2022. Apply today