Advancing Professionals Award

Eligibility Requirements

  • Seven (7) years or less experience in contract management profession as of the submission date
  • Self-nomination is permitted
  • The nominee does not require NCMA affiliation or membership
  • Current NCMA Staff, NCMA Contractors, NCMA Consultants, NCMA Board of Directors, and NCMA National Committee Members are not eligible for an award.
  • Previous nominees may be re-nominated
  • Previous awardees may not be re-nominated for the same award

General Submission Requirements

  • Descriptions of the nominee’s achievements and professional excellence must highlight impact, outcomes, and results covering the past five (5) years. Additionally, every submission is required to meet the five (5) criterions from The NCMA Advancing Professional Award Nomination Form
  • Nominee’s professional resume
  • One letter of recommendation. If self-nominating, two letters of recommendation. Each letter shall provide: (1) an overview of the nominator’s relationship to nominee and length of association with person nominated; (2) a description of the contributions deserving the award based on the stated criteria. Contributions must highlight impact, outcomes, and results of the nominee’s efforts to the contracting community covering the past five (5) years; and (3) shall be no more than two (2) pages each.

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