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Stay up to date on all things contract management—5 minutes at a time—with NCMA’s podcast*, "The Voice of Contract Management". The podcasts are presented twice a month and cover everything from regulatory updates to crucial changes that affect the contract management profession.

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Episode 103

Posted on 10/13/2023
Episode Topics: Cybersecurity, Minimum Wage, Sustainability

Episode 102

Posted on 9/27/2023
Episode Topics: Answering Questions About a Potential Government Shutdown

Episode 101

Posted on 8/17/2023
Episode Topics: Regulatory Updates, Bid Protests

Episode 100

Posted on 8/3/2023
Episode Topics: False Claims Act, Cybersecurity

Episode 99

Posted on 7/17/2023
Episode Topics: AI, CIO-SP4, Bid Protests

Episode 98

Posted on 7/10/2023
Episode Topics: DHS Cybersecurity, Embracing Commerical Innovation, Bid Protest

Episode 97

Posted on 5/23/2023
Episode Topics: TikTok, Artificial Intelligence, SAM

Episode 96

Posted on 5/16/2023
Episode Topics: Software Security, OFCCP, and Claims Timeliness

Episode 95

Posted on 5/1/2023
Episode Topics: False Claims Act, Emergency Contracting Measures

Episode 94

Posted on 4/19/2023
Episode Topics: 5G Guidance, TikTok, Intracompany Lease Payments

Episode 93

Posted on 3/30/2023
Episode Topics: Supplier Performance Risk System, Procurement Integrity Act

Episode 92

Posted on 3/21/2023
Episode Topics: National Cyber Security Strategy, CHIPS, and Conflicts of Interest

Episode 91

Posted on 3/1/2023
Episode Topics: Voluntary Disclosures and Disruptive Technology Strike Force

Episode 90

Posted on 2/17/2023
Episode Topics: GSA Software Acquisition and False Claims Act

Episode 89

Posted on 2/6/2023
Special Episode Topic: Bid Protests and VA Acquisition Regulation