NCMA Simplifies the CPE Documentation Requirement for Certification Applications 



Holly DeHesa, Director of Marketing and Communications
Phone: (571) 382-1111
Email: [email protected]

Ashburn, VA, May 9, 2023 – The National Contract Management Association (NCMA) has announced that applicants no longer must submit Continuing Professional Education (CPE) supporting documentation with their certification and recertification applications, effective May 15, 2023. This exciting update comes as part of the organization's commitment to making the certification process more accessible and efficient for candidates. 

NCMA recognizes that maintaining professional competence is an ongoing process, and that individuals may obtain CPE in a variety of ways. As such, they have updated its certification application process to remove the requirement of submitting supporting documentation with certification or recertification applications. NCMA will be moving to an audit process, in which applicants must maintain supporting documentation as prescribed in the CPE Guide, but it will only be reviewed during an audit. This alleviates the need for uploading a large volume of documentation and provides customer ease, faster application review times, and is in line with industry practice. 

“We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence in certifications. Moving to an audit process streamlines the process without compromising the rigorous standards to which our certifications are held," said NCMA CEO, Kraig Conrad. "This improved approach allows more focus on preparing for exams and demonstrating expertise and dedication to the profession."  

Brie Staker, Director of Certifications and Standards, echoed Mr. Conrad's sentiments and discussed the importance of consistently reviewing their processes. 

"We are regularly looking to improve the accessibility and ease of process for gaining a NCMA certification, while upholding the rigorous standards and integrity which make our certifications world-class," said Ms. Staker. "With this update, I think we made a big step towards achieving this goal. We look forward to continuing to support our members and the contract management community." 

While applicants must still maintain supporting documentation which complies to CPE, the streamlining of the submission process is a welcomed update. This change is significant for NCMA certification program, demonstrating its commitment to supporting the professional development of its members and the broader contract management community. For more information about certifications, head to