CM Careers: Skills for Thriving in Contract Management

Join this session if you are a current student, new to contract management, or interested in transferring into the contract management profession. Learn how transferrable skillsets in other fields or education can set you up for success with a career in contract management. Live| 0.0 CPE/CLP | 60 minutes |$0 Member / $0 Non-Member

Recorded on 4/30/24


Are you on the hunt for a career path that is both rewarding and in high demand? Dive into the world of contract management, a career brimming with dynamic challenges and a broad spectrum of opportunities. Whether you're fresh out of college or seeking to pivot from your current profession, this free webinar is for you! Hosted by the National Contract Management Association, you'll gain insights from a diverse panel of seasoned experts: a visionary small business owner involved in hiring, a trailblazer who leaped into contract management straight from college, and a savvy professional who successfully transitioned into the field from another industry.

What's in Store?

  • Discover how your current degree or professional background can be a solid foundation for a career in contract management.
  • Learn about the transferable skills that can set you up for success in this field and how to hone them to your advantage.
  • Navigate the path to obtaining an NCMA certification, a critical step to distinguishing yourself in the job market.
  • Explore the diverse opportunities within contract management, from government to corporate sectors, and find your perfect fit.

Seize this opportunity to connect with leading minds in the field, gain insider knowledge, and start your journey toward a fulfilling and prosperous career in contract management. Reserve your spot now and open the door to endless possibilities!


  • Akinwande Oshodi, PMP, CISA, CDFM, Founder and CEO, The Avery Group, LLC
  • Catrina Lewis, CFCM, DAWIA II, Supervising Contracting Officer, Department of Defense
  • Panos Lagos, Sr. Contracts Administrator, Defense Division, Air & Space Forces, General Dynamics Information Technology


  • 0.0 CPE/CLP credits for participation


  • $0 member/ $0 non-member

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