Providing & Managing Govt. Property Under Govt. Contracts

Understand the roles and responsibilities of the Government in regard to providing, reporting, authorizing use and directing disposition of Government property. Self-Paced | Webinar | Intermediate | 90 minutes | 1.5 CPE/CLP | $50 member/$63 non-member

When it comes to government property the first challenge is sorting who is responsible for it at which stages of the property management process. Watch this previously recorded webinar to explore the nuances of managing government property from both the government and contractor perspectives. While the government is concerned with the logistics of providing property and managing the risk of losing it, contractors are focused on managing and maintaining property in line with the government’s expectations. Documentation and management systems are important for both parties to keep track of where property is, how it’s being used and how it will ultimately be disposed. Participants will leave this session with clarity on the roles and responsibilities of both government and contractors and specific strategies for providing, reporting, authorizing use, and directing the disposition of government property.  

Learning Objectives:

  • Define the roles and responsibilities of the government related to providing, reporting, authorizing use and directing disposition of government property. 
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of the contractor in managing government property related to property acquisition, recordkeeping, use, liability and disposition.

Intended Audience: 
Government contracting officers and administrators, government property administrators, contracting officer representatives, industry contracting representatives, industry contract property managers.

CMBOK Competencies: 

  • 3.4, "Regulatory Compliance"
  • 4.1, "Plan Solicitation"
  • 6.1, "Administer Contract"
  • 6.5, "Close Out Contract

Level of Difficulty:

Dr. Douglas N. Goetz, CPPM, CF, MIAM GP Consultants LLC - View Bio

Cost: $50 member/$63 non-member.  To register a group, email [email protected] with the company name, webinar date, and number of attendees.

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