NCMA Initiates Project to Reaffirm the Contract Management Standard™ (ANSI/NCMA ASD 1-2019)

In a public meeting held on November 18, 2021, NCMA’s Standards Consensus Body unanimously voted to reaffirm the Contract Management Standard™ (CMS™) as an American National Standard (ANS) through the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The reaffirmation process is authorized through NCMA’s stature as an ANSI Accredited Standards Developer.  Over the coming months, the CMS™ will meet the rigorous ANSI approval process.

There will be two steps when the public will be asked to participate in the reaffirmation process. The first step is in the beginning when the Job Task Analysis is issued.  The second step will be when public comments on the draft CMS™ are solicited.  NCMA will announce the opportunity to participate in each of these steps through a wide announcement campaign. To view the current version of the CMS™, please click here.

Abstract of Project: The CMS™ reflects the combined knowledge of government and commercial buyers and sellers, as well as academicians, regulatory authorities, and consultants. The CMS™ is intended to be applied by contract managers using the judgment required to adapt to any unique circumstances of the reader. Consequently, the CMS™ provides guidance to the practice of contract management without restricting technological advancement or freedom to operate. The CMS™ describes the nature of contract management in terms of the contract management processes created through the integration and interaction of job tasks and competencies, and the purposes they serve.

Project Need:  ANSI reaffirmation of the CMS™ will:

  1. Provide stability to the practice of contract management;
  2. identify meaningful job tasks, competencies, and domains; and
  3. provide a roadmap for targeted and relevant professional development.

The rigorous ANSI reaffirmation process contributes directly to continuous improvement by providing a bridge between a formal, approved standard and individual competence and organizational capability.

Stakeholders:  Government and commercial buyers and sellers, academicians, regulatory authorities, and consultants.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send them to Dr. John Wilkinson, CPCM, at [email protected]