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2021 Curated Content* & Deadlines

Our editorial philosophy is focused on helping industry professionals do their jobs more effectively, efficiently and profitably by providing a balance of business-and technical-related content.

*Editorial Calendar is tentative and subject to change

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Magazine Issue Ad Space Deadline Ad Materials Deadline
September 2021 July 9, 2021 July 13, 2021
October 2021 August 9, 2021 August 11, 2021
November 2021 September 7, 2021 September 9, 2021
December 2021 October 4, 2021 October 6, 2021


October 2021 - Compliant Contracting

The statutory and regulatory landscape of contracting is not only complex, but ever-changing. Topical coverage:

  • Compliance with laws, regulations, and other rules and standards (e.g., the CMMC)
  • Audits and accounting
  • Subcontractor flowdown compliance
  • Contractor Purchasing System Reviews (CPSRs)

November 2021 - Cost and Pricing

Ensuring fair and reasonable pricing through cost and price analysis. Topical coverage:

  • Cost analysis, pricing, and price analysis
  • The FAR’s Cost Principles
  • Trade-off, best value, etc.
  • Cost Accounting Standards (CAS)

December 2021 - Year in Review/2022 Outlook

A review of the year’s major events, policy changes, etc., and looking ahead at what next year may bring. Topical coverage:

  • Analysis of major legislative, regulatory, case law, and policy updates
  • Success stories, hurdles encountered, etc.
  • Recommendations for changes/improvements
  • Looking forward to the 2022 landscape.

Article/Content Submission Deadlines

Issue Month Articles/Content Due
November 2021 August 2, 2021
December 2021 September 1, 2021

Monthly Departments

Submissions for the following departments and columns are accepted year-round.

  • Clause Corner | Analysis of one common contract clause- its history, purpose, and uses; common pitfalls; and proper application
  • Counsel Commentary | A deep dive into a recent Court or Board decision; law, regulation, or policy change; or other legal issue
  • Innovations | A column designed to help navigate this time of vibrant change by sharing new and inspiring ideas, approaches, methods, and tools
  • View from Across the Table | Understanding how the other side does business and their motivations are key to successful acquisitions
  • Mile in My Shoes | Sharing personal experiences of working within this diverse profession- a success story, a challenge overcome, an inspiring anecdote, etc.
  • Faces of NCMA | Spotlighting individual NCMA members, their experiences in the profession, and how the association has helped shape their careers